Mello - Branding. // Brasil (2021).
Lara Mello is a branding and digital marketing professional, focused on creative solutions for brand positioning and strategies. Its innovative concepts bring prominence, even though it is new in the market.
The visual identity and brand, show these strong values ​​very well, therefore, the choice of a geometric and minimalist logo generated a great contrast with liquid and modern forms, making association with wallpapers and arts from companies in the technological and digital field, bringing fluidity in an appropriate way.
Created from a modular grid, the logo has details that generate the vision of a structure, high performance and modernity by its lines and construction. The detail inserted in the letter "o" brings prominence and helps in the reduced version of the logo, therefore, only the icon is used in small spaces. In addition, the icon also resembles the design of a tablet, mobile phone or banner, reinforcing the concepts of branding and digital marketing.
Thinking of applications and arts, a color palette based on purple tones behind an air of luxury, involving the target audience in a disruptive identity. The tones work with harmony and contrast, facilitating their use. The liquid gradients were made especially for the project, starting in Adobe Illustrator with the separation and positioning of colors in mesh, and finished with distortions and noise in Adobe Photoshop.